Membership Information

OLOP TTC online membership information

To update our processes and bring us inline with recent privacy legislation we have updated our membership process to be fully online with the payment methods as BACS or Cheque.

To support this our website ( is integrated with Table Tennis England and with that we share login details and your Table Tennis England personal profile.

Please note that as with any club associated with Table Tennis England, all of our members are required to be members of Table Tennis England even to play at our club at casual level. A key reason for this is that it provides you with at least basic personal indemnity insurance while you play, further information is available through Table Tennis England member benefits.


These are the key steps to becoming an OLOP TTC member, or renewing your membership.

If you have played in a league with us before (or just know we have your details) you can go straight to section 2 at the end.

1.       Register or Login to Table Tennis England -

  • Once in, access the My Data / My Leagues and Clubs area

Membership image 1

  • In here you need to make sure we are in your list
  • If we are not there is this function to add us, and select the relevant data privacy level. (As a club we need at least contact details and if ok with you Full access so that we can run the club effectively, the main difference between the two is for Juniors it lets us see their age for coaching purposes. These terms are also described on this webpage)
Membership image 2


  • Once added we should appear in your list as awaiting approval.
Membership image 3
  • This is the main delay in the process I’m afraid, to continue you need to wait for us to approve you. (If in July/August this should be pretty quick but outside of then you may need to contact us)
  • Once approved you will now be able to login to our website where this page is (

2.       Login to our website using your TTE details (, you should be there already as this page is on there)

  • Under Membership / Types and Fees you will be presented with the relevant subscriptions available to you with a Buy button and some instructions for BACS or Cheque payments.
  • If you miss the details, BACS is Lloyds Bank 30-96-96 / Acc 03061601. Cheques payable to OLOP TTC.
  • Once bought you are eligible for practicing and club benefits.